Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few of Our Favorite Things About Our New House!

What's our favorite thing about having our own home? Bathtime. Grilling on the deck. Snuggling after naps. Playing diggers. Having family over. Our playroom. Walking to the pool. Baking together. How close it is to downtown Franklin. Climbing trees. Deer in the backyard...

Just to name a few! We look forward to much more of all of these things in the days to come!


What a great month AUGUST has been so far! As promised, Luke made me my birthday dinner in our new home, and, as a surprise, my sweet friends took me downtown for drinks and dessert. What a perfect combination! 

We also got to go to Huntsville to celebrate my birthday buddy's special day -- my sweet niece Lyla turned one! 

Jack and I got to go to Birmingham for a day trip to help with Ann Wade's bridal shower, and have dinner with sweet friends the Morgans while there! 

In between those festivities, the Neffs, Valets, Taylors, Millers, Guthries, McDaniels, Colvins, VassGals, Gilmans, Leonards helped us move in, unpack, gave us hand-me-downs, put meals in our fridge, and played with Jack while we've worked to turn our house into our home! Thank you all!!! We still have a little ways to go, but just a few weeks in, it feels like we've been here forever. Y'all come visit!

Lyla's sweet party:

Ann Wade's Shower Weekend!

Getting Set Up in Our New Home!

Luke and Jack putting together our beautiful new bedroom suite. 
(I've wanted a bedroom suite since we married, and I saw this one on Craigslist and fell in love. Luke bought it for me with the money he'd saved to get equipment for his garage gym. I love him.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jack waking up at the beach

After traveling all day the day before, and arriving when it was too dark to see it, Jack woke up the next morning, ready to go "Out the door" to "see the beach!"

He loved it.

Jack sees the beach!

At the end of July, Luke, Jack, and I headed to Northern California for a WEEK of vacation with Luke's family!!! This was our first vacation as a family of three! As you can tell, we were pretty excited..
Ready to fly!
First time flying out to visit grandparents WITH Daddy! 
We made it!!!
Jack's first view of The Bridge!
The next morning, waking up to see...

Grandpa and Grandma

Try to be patient 'til time to go back to the beach. 
Exploring with Aunt Laura

Fresh made bread!

Luke, Jack, and John Paiva 

Rock climbing with Daddy

Thanks, Auntie Laura, for sharing your Blue Moon oranges!!! Now that's love. :) 

Sweet Paiva family (minus hard working Ebeth)
Storytime with Grandma: one of Jack's favorites!

Luke and Jack's footprints
"Seal Dogs!!!"

Time to head back home...

Swimming with Aunt Elizabeth before flying out the next morning!

 We can't thank you enough, Paivas, for taking us with you to Sea Ranch! What a fun, peaceful week of enjoying beautiful nature, good food, and good time with family. We can't wait 'til we see you next!